Timber Screens

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What a perfect way to create privacy, natural backdrops and storage areas.

Your Timber screens can be designed to fulfill any function you require. They are so much easier to build than brick or limestone structures, and don’t need complicated and costly engineer’s plans either.

You can have them solid to hide ‘working parts’ of your outdoor area, or more open as backdrops to gardens and fountains. Screens are brilliant for creating a feeling of mysterious spaces, dividing entertaining areas and building private places.

What not combine the screen with storage seating and boxes to make your outdoor area truly functional?

We invite you to read what our satisfied clients have to say about the high standards and service they have received.

WA Timber Decking Perth can provide you with choices of different timber types. We will encourage you to select from our range of environmentally managed timbers too. Our structures are well designed, and solidly built by professional tradesmen. Your screens are fully warrantied, and we encourage you to read about this comprehensive cover.

When it comes to the maintenance of your timber screens, you’ll have choices. We can show you how to DIY or we will provide you with a complete maintenance service.

So have a look through our project gallery for more stunning ideas. Every photo is a project that has been designed and constructed by WA Timber Decking. Then Contact Us with your own unique ideas and we will help you bring them to life!

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